Photographer of the Year 2014: Mr Yip Hoi Kee



Many successful local photographers cite Yip Hoi Kee as their role model and teacher, as one of the Singapore’s eminent photography teachers, he had conducted courses in numerous companies and clubs, presented many seminars for local photographic clubs, which gained him some 40 years of teaching experiences.
Besides judging for the Singapore International Salon of Photography for over 28 years, Mr Yip had also judged many thematic, national competitions and in-house photographic competitions. He is also the examiner for local photo titles applications in Singapore.
His images had been used for international biological science papers, reports, theses, seminars, conferences, books and many other publications.

Selected Honours:
1968  Awarded Associateship of Royal Photographic Society
1971  Conferred Excellence FIAP (Switzerland)
1974  Awarded PSS Service Medal – Gold
1977  Conferred Artist FIAP (Switzerland)
 Published “Five on Photography”
1978  Awarded Associateship of International Photographic Society
1979 First Singapore to win Nikon Photo Contest International, 3rd Prize Monochrome Section
1985 Conferred Hon. Fellowship, SAFRA Photo Club
1988 Featured in Sunday Times, 10th April 1988 “To Yip Small is Beautiful”
1989 Featured in Sunday Times, 15th October 1989 “Enduring Power of Black and White”
1992 Only entry from Singapore selected for Cologne Photokina 120 Slideshow
1997 Awarded “Friend of SAFRA”
1998  Conferred Hon. Fellowship of Photographic Society of Penang
2007  Granted SAFRA Honorary 30 years membership
2011 Produced photobook “Image and Imagination”
2012  Received 40 years SAFRA Long Service Award

Selected Exhibitions/Services:
1966 Participated in PSS Portfolio to France Exhibition
1968 Participated in New Zealand Pan Pacific Arts Festival
1969 Appointed Advisor for Photographic Society of University of Singapore
1973  Appointed Advisor, SAFRA Photo Club
1979 Invited to exhibit in Indonesia Photo Exhibition
1984  Appointed Advisor – Singapore Colour Photographic Society
1985 Appointed People’s Association Photography Instructor
 First Instructor to conduct course for Social Development Unit
1988  Published “Images 5987”
1989 Speaker for Australia Photographic Society Convention
1994  Invitation to speak at Hong Kong Photo Arts Conference
2005  Speaker for Professional Hasselblad Seminar
2009  Judge, Ngee Ann 1st Photographic Competition
2013  Judge, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Photo Contest